Karatbars Webinar

I have been involved with a German company Karatbars International which is one of the fastest growing in Europe. It has a unique business model that is not network marketing. However you can still build a team and earn passive residual income. The difference between a network marketing program and Karatbars is that you don't…

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Social Media Stats In 2014

  Question here for you is how can you use this to your advantage? I would love to hear some comments from you guys. Create, Engage and Duplicate! Andrej

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what is network marketing 2

What is Network Marketing?

In the last year I got involved in network marketing and I have to say it`s a wonderful industry, because you can earn multiple streams of income by doing one thing. What I learned in this past year is that network marketing has a bad reputation in the general public, even though it become one…

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6 reasons why people don`t buy from you

6 Reasons Why People Don`t Buy From You

What makes people click away from your offers? Your headlines, images, video quality or even you? I decided to make a video for you where I explain the reasons why that happens. This will give you an idea to improve your marketing message and boost sales. You can watch this video about why people don`t…

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lucrative products

Lucrative Products That Your Audience Loves To Buy

In this video I will explain and give examples of 12 lucrative products that your audience loves to buy. Mostly I talk about digital products, but there is a lot of room for physical products too. Watch the video and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. You can also watch this video…

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I`m Back

Hey everybody! Since my page was down for a couple of weeks, a lot of you have been asking me what happened. I guess I was kinda sick of the old page and I wanted something fresh. I had a strong need to remove all the old content and create something better that will give…

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